Production - Made in Germany


Our products are handmade and underlie strict quality controls.

At first we produce a plaster mould, the so-called original mould. From this original mould we later produce the concave glass mould for the glassblower, which can be made out of porcelain or metal.

Quality control already starts with the mould construction. We only use faultless moulds for the production.

Our raw material is high-quality glass from Germany.

This kind of glass is of high purity and is extremely workable.

The glass ornament is heated again at the end of the process in order to improve its strength.

After the ornament has cooled, it is silvered. Silvering gives a very special brilliance to our products.

Afterwards the balls and ornaments are painted. As we paint our ornaments lifelike we attach great importance to details.

We only use colours which are solvent-free and free of harmful additives. Ecology and sustainability have a long tradition in our company.

After the ornaments are painted and passed the quality control, they are packed into self-produced cardboard boxes. All our cardboard boxes are made out of recycled materials.